Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari as Cherish
Name: Cherish
Alias: Bottomless Pit
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Brown, Green
DOB: July 12
Faction: Rodere
Position: ??
Employment: Rathskeller
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: Variable

Cherish is a boisterous and friendly waitress who works at the Rathskeller full time while, rumor has it, attending some sort of classes at UNLV. Rumor has it she teaches pole dancing to housewives on weekends, and doesn't so much as treat class as a mixer/place to pick up business and dates.

Since the birth of West and Anthony's son, Cole, Cherish has pulled nanny duty! And this has spawned an incredibly disturbing obsession with buying and hording cute baby clothes and baby toys, and the reading and hilighting of parenting and baby books. And, yes, baby photography. Cherish is, apparently, a closet scrapbooker. There was never so much glitter in the Warrens as there is now.

NPC Privs: Anthony & West.

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