Detective Henry Chandler
Gbenga Akinnagbe
Gbenga Akinnagbe as Henry Chandler
Name: Henry Chandler
Alias: None Currently Known
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Black, Brown
DOB: 27 March 1977
Faction: LVMPD
Position: Detective
Employment: City of Las Vegas
Play Times: Evenings
Timezone: GMT -8

Background Information

Henry Chandler was born a child of the 'system', having gone from broken home to broken home, through a series of misfortune with regard to foster families. It wasn't until his mid-teens that he finally found a family that accepted him, that he found some sense of security. His foster father, a security guard for one of the strip malls, often brought him to work with him, which is where his love for law enforcement came from.

His biological parents, Katherine and Isiaah, weren't exactly the best parents. Isiaah was a working class drunk while Katherine was one of the many anonymous cashiers in the city, just trying to make ends meet. Unfortunately, not all couples should even consider raising children, let alone giving birth to them. When Henry was two, the cops were called on a domestic disturbance call to their apartment. They found the young child crying in his crib. They also found Katherine dead by blunt force trauma and a Isiaah sitting slumped over in a drunk stupor, holding a bloody hammer.

Not everyone has a happy-go-lucky family. Not everyone has an average family even. Some, like Henry, had a number of families. He slipped through the cracks at times, getting taken by a family that abused their kids, getting taken by a family that were just as drunk as his father he no longer remembered. He moved from family to family, unable to find any kind of purchase of some semblance of a sane family. It wasn't until he was 13 that he finally found a family that seemed sane, honest and above all, generous with their love. George and Jane Chandler were an older couple than Henry was used to, they had one son, from the same system that had shuffled him over the past 13 years. Jerome was five years older than Henry and an educated man, having left Vegas for Harvard. While Henry met and liked Jerome, it's not like he ever got much of a chance to get to know him. Instead, he focused his energies on establishing a better relationship with his new foster parents.

Jane was a home maker, George a security guard for a nearby strip mall. Perhaps because George wanted to show what he did to the boy, or perhaps he wanted to show Henry just how bad people can get, but it made an impression on Henry. The other activity Henry became interested in was, in actuality, inspired by his foster mother, Jane. Jane was a big fan of mystery novels - it didn't matter if it was Dennis Lehane, PD James, or the newest shlock written by the newest writer pimped by Oprah, it fascinated her. And with that, Henry began moving in the path of law enforcement.

Henry graduated high school and quickly began applying to the LVMPD. It took him a couple years to get in, but he got in nonetheless. He was used to fighting for what he wanted now, and being a cop, being police was all he wanted in life. His becoming police was a quiet thing, celebrated by close friends and his foster family. Once celebrated, however, it was up to Henry to begin working the ranks to become detective.

It wasn't easy, as the trip to becoming detective isn't supposed to be easy. His case work wasn't all that glamorous. It's not like he's some Las Vegas supercop like Jackie Chan or something. He simply put his nose to the ground, kept his ears open and his eyes peeled for everything that happened on his beat. Soon, however, he did become detective for the sheer ability of being a workhorse for the LVMPD.

Known Associates

  • Alexander - Henry met Alexander when the pop-culture spouting drifter was coming out of Joe's Diner. Not that he'd tell Alex but the guy just looked like a disreputable type to Henry, so was automatically suspicious. However, after talking to him over the subsequent weeks, Henry quickly found a friend. And more importantly, a relationship based on mutual wingman-ship.
  • Jules - Juliet MacArthur is Henry's partner. While she originally was partnered with Jeremiah Miller, when Miller went on leave, Juliet and Henry became partners. In perhaps what would become a baptism of fire for the pair as partners, their first case was the death of Johnny Pratt and the missing persons case of his brother, Lucien.
  • Captain Christopher Thorpe - Thorpe is Chandler's commanding officer. Henry hasn't had much exposure to his commanding officer inasmuch as any other subordinate would have within the police.
  • Isobel - Isobel Hayes, the owner of Sweet Ride - Auto Shop and Lot. The mechanic got Henry's attention with as much and as quickly as she was eating at Joe's Diner. The next time he met her, he had Alex around, his wingman. Smoothly enough, Henry asked her out to dinner despite the funky smell her business card had when he smelled it.
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