Cast of Characters

Our Cast of Character is quite varied. Please see below for where people fit into various factions. Remember, information gained on the wiki is for OOC use only. Do not take this stuff IC unless you learn it IC. Seriously.

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Humans of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Metro Police Department


The Rodere

The Pack

The Hunt

Misc. Shapeshifters



The Mortuary (deceased)


Current Staff

  • Stardust - Anything that needs doin'. (Vampire theme, Supernatural Theme, Shifters, Humans)
  • Excalibur - Story-Smith, Pessimist.
  • Nova - Code-Deity. Om nom nom.
  • Thunderbird - Shifters, things that go Bump.
  • Void - More code, as Stardust makes a lot of mistakes
  • Martini - Apps, Plot, & Supernatural Foo.
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