Candi Hayes (NPC)
Candi Hayes (NPC)
Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney as Candice Hayes
Name: Candice Hayes
Alias: Candi
Age: 19
Hair & Eyes: Brown Eyes. Hair Changes Often.
DOB: January 12, 1988
Faction: Civilian
Position: Cashier and Bookkeeper
Employment: Sweet Ride Automovice
Play Times: N/A
Timezone: N/A

This young woman is five foot six in height and appears to be in her mid to late teens. Her straight hair flows to just below her shoulders and is dyed a very unnatural-looking crimson red, with yellow-blonde along her bangs. She is distinctly Caucasian with lightly tanned skin hidden under a hefty amount of white foundation around her face. She has big, pretty brown eyes which have been framed by thick lashes and red eye makeup. She has all the potential of being beautiful with youthful, fleshed-out cheeks, thick lips and an upturned nose .

She is curvaceous and voluptuous under her cyan-blue half-tee. The t-shirt has the white silhouette of a long-legged woman in daisy dukes leaning over an older model car. 'Sweet Ride Automotive' is written in giant cursive underneath. A smaller, printed offers a Las Vegas phone number. She's got black nail polish and the vivid tattoo of a Mojave green rattlesnake that winds down one well-muscled arm, with the snake's striking head stopping at her wrist. She wears a holster around her waist, prominently displaying a Colt .45. The tight, bleached jeans she wears do a good job of showing off her shapely legs. Her shoes are a pair of white Pumas.

Candi Hayes is the cashier and bookkeeper at Sweet Ride Automotive. She is also the sister of Isobel Hayes. Many people who meet Candi Hayes wonder exactly why she remains working at the auto shop. She is abrasive, foul mouthed and seems to do little more during the day than take money and make appointments. It has not been unknown for the already-struggling shop to lose potential customers over her rather abrupt attitude.

Few people know of all the things Candi really does for her sister. She is one of the very few people who really understand Isobel’s problems with illiteracy and how self-conscious she is about it. While it appears to most that Candi works for Isobel, the reality is that without Candi, the shop would not continue to run. She does everything from advertising to filing taxes. She is also a part-time college student with a major in accounting.

She also keeps Isobel’s lycanthropy a secret. Actually, Candi looks on weres with a certain fascination and may even harbor thoughts of trying to be turned. She holds a bit of a romanticized view of what Isobel does as a were and would like some excitement of her own. Which leads us to…

NPC Note
Candi Hayes can be rude and abrasive to those who enter Sweet Ride Automotive. Feel free to emit her this way. She can also be emitted by those wish to use her in plots. Candi is looking to get out there and become a hero, especially when her sister or other lycanthropes are involved. These plots may lead to her death, though the author would prefer that whoever is emitting her attempt to avoid her demise.

Player Note
Want to play Candi Hayes? She can be changed. Goth girls do not always stay goth. College students sometimes find other majors. Rude people can grow up… etc. Contact Isobel in game.

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