Building Guidelines

If you wish to build your own business or residence, rather than rent an existing loft or apartment, please refer to the Building Nexus of Sin City, located off of the Player Lounge.

The Building Nexus is used to house all UNAPPROVED building projects that are currently being built or awaiting Staff Approval. These are not active RP areas, so please do not RP in them until they have been inspected and linked to the grid.

Getting Started

Getting started is quite simple. You must merely +request to ask for some quota for your build project. We are purposefully keeping this grid small, so please, keep it simple. We prefer you use one to two rooms for residences and businesses, unless they absolutely require more. We will review your request, and issue you a builder if necessary.When you make your request:

  • Outline how many rooms and exits you will need, along with what you would like the first room to be called.
  • If it's over 2 rooms, you're going to have to say why in your request.
  • Include your Business Name or House Number in your +request.

+request Build: <yourbuildname>=<text>
+request Build: Ely Books=I would like to build a 2 room bookstore. I need a main room and a back room.

Basic rules:
1) All new rooms must be built in the building nexus, including additions to existing projects.
2) You should only own one unfinished building project at a time.
3) If you build a home and get it linked, you may not also rent an apartment.

You may notice our room parent formats things for you. You build in the regular way. A sample:

@dig <name of place> - <sub name>=<exitname> «alias»;<alias>; <alias2>, «return exit»;<returnexitalias>; <returnexitalias2>

@dig Ely Bookstore - Main Room=Ely Books <EB>;eb;books, To the Street <O>;o;out

Please remember to set @descs on rooms and exits. If a desc gets too long, use +views.

Setting +views

&VIEW-<viewname> here=<text>

&VIEW-register here=A small, antique cash register sits to the very corner of the counter up front. It's a bit dusty, and there might even be a question as to whether it works.

Proper Description & Setting Formats

We also require @succ, @osucc, and @odesc on every exit.

@succ <exitname>=<text>
@osucc <exitname>=<text>
@odrop <exitname>=<text>

@succ out=You step out of the bookstore, with a jingle of the bell on the door.
@osucc out=steps out of the bookstore, causing the bell above to jingle.
@odrop out=exits Ely Bookstore, and a faint jingle of the bell above the door is heard.

Please don't forget to @desc all of your exits! The format is:

@desc <exitname>=%R%T<desc>%R

When describing your rooms, you should follow this format, so it doesn't mess up the spacing for the room parent:


%tWhat is most striking about the bookstore is just how many books are packed into the place. Not a square yard of floor space has been wasted, either left as passage for the customers or occupied by a shelf or table neatly stacked with books. Towards the back, there are bookshelves stretching across the width of the room with only a couple aisles breaking the rows. In the front end of the store are display tables for both fiction and nonfiction, a couple of large magazine racks with a surprising selection of magazines and journals, and a more modest rack with newspapers from Las Vegas, other cities from Nevada, and the New York Times. The front counter is set next to the display windows, comprised of a cash register and a computer terminal and a phone. There's a variety of small items for sale or for free on the counter, things from book lights to bookmarks to flyers. There's room behind the counter for about two people at most. A back door is off in the right rear corner of the room.

Finished? Submit it for Inspection!

When you're all finished with your build project, you will need to submit a request for it to be reviewed, inspected, and linked.

+request Build: <yourbuildname>=<text>
+request Build: Ely Books=I've finished the bookstore. Please review at your convenience. I would like to have it linked to Paradise.

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