Bonnie Pearce
Majandra Delfino
Majandra Delfino as Bonnie
Name: Bonnie
Alias: Bon
Age: 23
Hair & Eyes: Blonde & Green
DOB: ?
Faction: Animator
Position: Owner, Animated
Employment: Self Employed
Play Times: 9p - 12a.
Timezone: GMT-5

General Information

Bonnie Pearce is a rich kid lately of Chicago, though her family is from Boston originally, and are well known in Arts & Antiquities. Pearce herself is, as many who have met her will note, not that much of an intellectual. She is a fashion and costume designer with credentials from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has her own business, B. Pearce Design, and does freelance and commission work for individuals and troupes. She's a newcomer in the fashion world, but her family name is known in several other spheres.

Bonnie is also the sole owner of Animated, the only local animating firm. The business was opened in May 2007, and the service is discreet. She also does consultations via phone, and by email for a flat fee. The staff is small, but word of mouth puts Animated's service at pretty reliable. The offices are located in Winchester.

Art World : Pearce

The Pearce family is very well known in the import/export business, particularly where European fine art and furniture are concerned. There are many scholars of various movements in the family, all well respected in their fields, and very well educated. The Pearce family is worth millions, and are often consulted by major collectors, as well as auction houses such as Sothebys and Christies for appraisal, dating, and verification of fine art works. Ms. Bonnie Pearce is, to say the least, the black sheep of the family. Style over substance, baby!


Animated is a high end animation firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. To be truthful, it's the only animation firm in Las Vegas, or Nevada, for that matter! They serve a tri-state region, occasionally contracting animators from outside the company to travel for them, but only those with an excellent reputation, neat penmanship, and the ability to pass a phone interview with Bonnie. You'd be amazed how many that weeds out.

Animated is an up and comer in terms of reputation, and they are known for their discreet handling of sensitive matters. Most of the time. St. John's involved. That inevitably leads to decimated designer shoes. But there's an insurance clause in all their contracts for that. Chicken bloodstains are considered acceptable risk for attending a raising ritual.


  • John St. John - The bane of Bonnie's existence. He's loud mouthed, uncouth, and he's also the licensed Vampire Executioner for the SouthWest region. Oh, yes, and he raises zombies for her when the clients prefer a bit of a more macho, creepy show, which is most of the time. People expect animating to be a dirty, gritty job. Bonnie does neither of those.
  • Daniel - The temporary receptionist replacing their former full time clerk who has gone walkabout. Though he has, in recent months, gone from temporary to pretty much permanent. It's just no one's really said anything about it.
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