Just the Basics, Ma'am.

Completing Character Generation (cGen) on Sin City MUX is seen as agreement to the following:

- I will be over the age of 18.
- I will not allow anyone else to log on to my account(s).
- I will not attempt to hack or harm Sin City or its web site.
- I will not use Sin City to commit or solicit illegal activities.
- I will aquaint myself with the news files and keep up with BBoards to the best of my ability.
- I will accept responsibility for my actions, including unfortunate choices OOC.
- I will understand that logging in while under the influence is not an excuse for any poor IC actions or decisions.
- I will not cheat, exploit code loopholes, or steal in an OOC manner.
- I will not reveal other people's private RL information, including alts. Privacy is a right, and well-respected here.
- I will remember that bulletin boards, channels, and the wiki are OOC venues and information there cannot be used ICly unless specifically stated.
- I will do my best to abide by common courtesy & SC's Policy Files.
- I will endeavor to act like an adult playing on a community with Adult players.
- I understand that SC is a privately owned, privately managed game by a volunteer staff. Playing here is a privilege, not a right

Bad behavior or harassment on channels will gain staff attention and is not acceptable. This includes attention-whoring and drama-mongering, and passive-aggressive harassment of other players or staff. Violation of any of these agreements may endanger your continued involvement in the SinCity community. Staff will endeavor to work with any player encountering difficulties to the best of our ability, though our goals are to have fun as well. The player will be spoken to, and if the problems continue we may ask them to take a break from the game. If the problems continues beyond the vacation, the break may become mandatory.

We recognize that everyone has bad days, and even bad years, and while we do value the supportive nature of an online game, we also recognize that the purpose of this game is not as an emotional outlet for OOC behavioral issues.

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