The Rat King
Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell as Anthony Paratico
Name: Anthony Paratico
Alias: "Saul"
Age: 30
Hair & Eyes: Black/Dark Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes
DOB: Oct 27, 1977
Faction: Rodere, Santangini Family
Position: The Rat King; Owner & Manager, the Rathskeller
Employment: Self-Employed
Play Times: Varies (Often 9p-3a)
Timezone: Central (GMT-6)

General Information

Anthony "Saul" Paratico - owner and manager of one of the hotter 'underground' nightspots in Las Vegas, prodigal son of the Santangini family, registered lycanthrope (rodens strain), and Rajah of the Espinas Negras Rodere. That's a lot of hats for one man to wear, but he tends to pull it off in style - even if nobody really knows how many hats he really wears day to day.

His family is suspected to be heavily involved with /the/ Family, the Santangini Family in particular, but he was long ago disowned - infection being one of the worst sins he could commit, at least in their eyes. Cut off from his family fortunes, he made his way into the preternatural world with a confidence and arrogance that could only be inborn. And it paid off; overthrowing the previous Rat King after eroding his support, he's the man on top now. Of course, that position brings with it a host of other problems.

As far as anyone knows, he lives in a loft apartment above the nightclub he runs, the Rathskeller, and manages the apartments up there as well - most of the residents being, of course, were-rats themselves. When the vampires ruled the city, he was known amongst the preternatural community as something of a stabilizing influence, working actively to keep peace amongst the factions and minimize bloodshed; rumors persisted that he was nothing more than a servant of the Master of the City in doing so, however. With the death of the Master of the City and many of the powerful vampires at the hands of anti-preternatural terrorists, however, he's become more of a wildcard, and gossip suggests that the continuing decline of vampiric fortunes is largely at the hands of the Rodere.

Known Associates

  • Detective Charlie West - She lives in the building above the Rathskeller although many aren't sure if she lives in her own place or - as is rumored - with him. Many assume that the baby she's carrying is his, and amongst the Rodere it's known that there's at least something of a romantic connection between them… or at least a lust-based one. This has led to some issues within the Rodere, given that she's human, and traditionalists think he should be with a proper rat instead, wondering why he hasn't infected her yet.
  • Davis - The bartender at the Rathskeller is well known as a confidant and right-hand-man to Anthony, at least as far as the business itself goes. Cool, calm, and always ready for a smile and quip for the customers, there's never been any signs of weakness to his loyalty to Tony.
  • The Rodere - As the Rat King, he associates most often with the Rodere as a whole, and pretty much any were-rat in Las Vegas can be considered to be an 'associate' of his.
  • The Santangini Family - Although he's been formally disowned by his parents due to his lycanthropy, there is evidence that Anthony still has contact with relatives in the Santangini family, although he's never been charged with any criminal activities himself. Still, they say once you're in the Family, you never really get out…
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