Alternate Characters

Having too many alternate characters (alts) on one MUX can cause problems, whether it's a simple lack of time to keep up with the characters, or getting what Alt_A knows confused with Alt_B. Each player on Sin City is limited to 3 alternate characters (alts) at a time, including your primary. (BLDR and staff accounts are excluded.)

- Users are expected to keep their alts separate: Alts are not allowed to RP
in the same scene or otherwise interact without prior permission from staff
(such as to allow participation in a staff-hosted plot or special event).
- Alts cannot share @quota, residences or vehicles.
- You may not use IC powers or commands on your own alternate characters.
- Information obtained by Alt_A is never automagically known by Alt_B.

Bottom line? You cheat, we flay you.

We prefer that Players play with us for 4 RL weeks before making an alt. Unless, of course, the primary dies. We time your primary character creation from your @register, so it's important to do that promptly. (+help @register in game.)

We all know the people who have many wonderful concepts, and create alts easily in order to access the fun stuff happening in all the factions. While this make us happy in terms of having a lot of names on the +who, we find that it leads to a bloat sort of situation when these alts take positions and are underplayed. Please consider your involvement before creating another alt.

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