Here There Be Coyotes
To Be Decided
To Be Decided as Alexander Stillwater
Name: Alexander Stillwater
Alias: None publically revealed
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Dusty-brown eyes and long brown hair, 5'9", tanned skin.
DOB: 04/01/1982
Faction: Other… aka himself.
Position: Biker/Playboy
Employment: Self-Employed as Agent of Chaos
Play Times: Whenever I wake up
Timezone: EST

He's a virile example of true manliness.
He's the love child of a trickster god and a mortal woman.
He's a Hunter S. Thompson-reading, Harley-riding modern knight of the open highways.
He's an idiot with too much money and no responsibility.
He's a goddamned pain in the ass.

These are all things which might, could, or do describe Alex Stillwater, who showed up in Vegas one day and has yet to leave, despite the hopes of many and the fears of a few. He's demonstrated himself to be a biker who came into money and couldn't think of any better plan than to come to Vegas and live the high life for a while. He's a shifter of some sort, though the more people ask, the less he admits, delivering very few direct answers and a whole lot of guesswork. Neither dog nor fox nor wolf, certainly not kitty or rat or snake, he's rare and annoying, having rapidly made enemies of some of the most powerful shifters in town. (Or if not enemies, they still want to kick his ass.) Even more oddly, he's since made friends with a number of the local police, bonding over coffee and flapjacks in Joe's Diner.

Alex Stillwater. Even in his wiki, he'll refuse to give you useful information. Because otherwise, it would be way too easy.

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