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We are Original Theme Dark Horror. We use many mythos for our inspiration, including numerous pop culture cues and countless others. Some ideas will be familiar, while others unique. It is our hope that the players of this mush will help to shape its future.

The Basics

Humans, vampires and shifters form an elaborate network of power and control that makes ours a unique theme to play. Each has their talents and their detriments, and all must choose to work together or risk a war that would threaten to overflow from the "Backstage" into the real world. In our universe, Vampires are public but shifters are known only as a supposedly rare curiosity, and Nevada has limited varmint laws making shifters very careful about how they reveal their bestial forms and with whom they make alliances. Shifter Hunters enjoy a good living cleaning up the scraps, working both for Humans' Rights organizations and Shifter groups who do not want to get their hands dirty. The Las Vegas known to us is unofficial neutral territory where each faction manages a shifting foothold, and the humans acting as a balance to it all. This is a tourist town, and everyone realizes how valuable the tourist trade is to everyone's mutual livelihood. They are the cattle to the vampires, the coin to the humans, and the camouflage to the shifters. Above all things, the Backstage is kept as a hidden reality.

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About Us….

Sin City is a re-vamp of the MUX, of the same name, from 2007. But in this new version, we've made a few changes. The blessing of the 2008 staff came to us when we were an Anitaverse game. We have since chosen a new path without forsaking the integrity of the former developers of this game, to whom we are deeply grateful. We are now operating under new rules in which you will find many new and exciting changes.

Our mission is to create a great environment for superior roleplay, where one can come and share stories with people of a respectfully mature mindset. We believe deeply in mutual communication, and that each and every person who comes to Sin City is entitled to respect on an OOC level - even if the IC story is a far different one!

Sin City uses an Original Theme, so characters which exist in popular fiction do not and cannot exist. We have no interest in directly derivative work and prefer genuine, original creativity. In that respect, staff will work closely with each player in order to keep skills and powers in line with the game vision.

The Cast of Sin City

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